Conscious Proud Pines

Refreshing aroma fills the air

Of me somehow, I sense you’re aware

Under your boughs, I stand so tall

I breathe your misty breath

Renewed by the hues of pointy-soft greens

on a backdrop of subtle-lit blues

My mind unwinds walking beneath

a tunnel of conscious proud pines

Your majestic cones

gently beckons one to atoneย 

and finally, come into

their own.


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    1. I love that word ‘verve.’ You know this one has been incubating in my mind for about 10 years- the words finally came out. I’m thinking about replacing ‘tunnel’ with ‘canopy’ or a nicer sounding word. thanks so much Charley!

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        1. yeah, tunnel is more correct and brings up the right image – just not a pretty word. I looked up synonyms for tunnel – it’s by far the prettiest ๐Ÿ˜‰ Those synonyms are quite amusing! Thanks for giving me your opinion.

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