Conundrum – with a drum

The conundrum dizzEE-ing one’s mind.

Temptation eternal damnation’s find.

Dire starvation – an over-stretched plight.

The devil’s cold delight.

Tick tick tick timeless empty night.

Hour after hour -agonizing everlasting fright.

Hungry ghost’s bottomless pit.

Self-imposed, fierce fire of prison lit

A Mr. Potato Head vision’s wit.


Wade in the depth of complexity.

Now plunge.

Square into despair’s mental conundrum-

with a drum.

The beat, beat, beat of the drum.

Serene solitude of a choice quiet hum.

Gentle pulse.

Deeply listen.

The beat — of a drum.

Solitude of a quiet hum.

the beat of a drum….

………….quiet hum.


…..quiet hum.


quiet quiet conundrum.





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    1. that means so much, thank you! Every writer wants to be classified in the big ‘ O ‘ :-p yeah I have to look onomatopoeia up too – but when I pronounce it, I can’t look at the spelling because it messes me up 😉

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