Square in the Face

In distance doth brew

Cannot speculate or eradicate

Storm’s shameless strike

Lacks humanity, self-control

Vulgarity, mere silly-side-show

Audacity to dominate

Acute reluctance and pain

trepidation, deep sorrow

Will – beg and borrow!

Riddled in unfathomable distress

Look square in the face

Simply say “Yes!”


Quadrille #34


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  1. ………A quadrille reply………
    To storm a page with grace,
    Exposing fears, not misplaced.
    Sticking to the courage of ones convictions,
    Now they could easily be misplaced!
    For in nature there is no malice,
    Ere its actions, all could be likened,
    To cleansing, for life to start anew.

    With respect, but it is what your strong words inspired me to write, sticking to the courage of my convictions.
    d’Verse Poet’s Pub, Keyword: Storm, Quadrille 34
    Watch out for a pingback, take care,

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